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Visit Saint-Petersburg

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Sumptuous palaces and elegant granite embankments, stunning green parks, gorgeous churches and cathedrals, boundless surface of rivers and canals, the spirit of history and nobility – all that is amazing St. Petersburg.

This is the city of rivers and canals, museums and monuments, white nights and drawbridges, the city of great achievements and hopes, the city of inspiration and dreams. This is the city for everyone.

Cycling tours - Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg is like and open-air museum. Here is an enormous number of places, which you should see during your visit to St. Petersburg. And one of the most comfortable and interesting ways to really feel the atmosphere of the city and see almost every showplace is a cycling tour. This is absolutely different sensation and knowing of the city unlike driving around in a stuffy bus, making short stops to take fast pictures with the main sights in the background.

Evening Amazing St. Petersburg
Evening in St.Peterburg Amazing St. Petersburg

During the cycling tour we are going to see a lot of «informal» sights, visit the most interesting showplaces and see the city from its most breath-taking angles. Also we are going to take a look at the inner routine life of Saint Petersburg and visit many “non-touristic” places.

A very special pleasure is to ride along the Neva river during the white nights and see the bridges being draw to let enormous ships drift under them. It is considered to be one of the most exciting and romantic views ever.

Guard of St.Peterburg Channel in St. Petersburg
Guard of St.Peterburg Channel in St. Petersburg

All cycling tours are held by a very experienced guide, who knows the specifics of city traffic and traveling by a bicycle around St. Petersburg. He will make your stay the most comfortable, safe and interesting. Also, we provide bicycles, so don`t bother to bring your own. Rent is included in cost of the tour.

City of beauty
City of beauty

Almost every our tour is accompanied by an escort car, which means you can ride a bicycle with a very little property with you and if you get tired, you may rest in the car for some time. If necessary we provide a transfer from the airport, seaport or railway station.

Present yourself with the pleasure to go on a wonderful and unforgettable cycling tour towards great adventures and inspiration.

Cycling tours - the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg is undoubtly beautiful, but its suburbs are going to express you as much. The luxury of royal palaces and great parks around them, silence and pacification, world famous fountains in the Peterhof, the Amber Room in the Catherine palace and many other sights are going to make a great impression on you for your whole life.


We suggest many different cycling tours from short ones ( 1 day) to long ones which let you see all the sights of Saint Petersburg and its suburbs.

Reports about our tours and photos you can see here (Russian Language): Reports about tours.


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Photos BY: Sergey Bessonov and Pavel Semenov

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